When it comes to beauty, there are questions that need answering before diving in. According to studies conducted by Think with Google, a trends research team who examined which skincare trends were most searched for from 2014-2016, there were distinctive values in the markets of France, Japan and the USA regarding consumer preferences.

Although cleansing is a high priority in all three markets, it’s particularly notable in Japan, where women are six times more likely to search for cleansers than their American or French counterparts.


 Are you cleansing your skin the right way? Cleansing trends see routines getting an overhaul with beauty’s latest “scrubbing” methods. Formulations like oil, milk, gel or balm cleansers aimed at cleansing specific skin types offer ultimate nourishment not only for faces, but for bodies too.

The trend? Quit the unkind cleansers and exfoliates and opt for gentler formulations that don’t strip the skin’s protective barrier and natural oils. This balances the skin’s natural pH, promoting healthy flora on skin and reducing inflammation, a known stressor for skin ailments such as ageing, acne, sensitivity and eczema.

Oil cleansers and body oils remove impurities without stripping the skin. Great for most skin types, they provide deep-cleansing gentle enough to protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

Gel-based or mild foaming cleansers are more suited to combination skin, while micellar oil cleansers attract and remove dirt and impurities (including make-up) without leaving the skin feeling oily or looking shiny. For this reason, they’re good for those with oily skins.


Retinol, a form of vitamin A, not only plays an essential role in maintaining healthy bodily functions, but is important for skin health and has been a primary ingredient in skincare products for several years. Originally aimed at reducing acne, it’s known as the ultimate anti-ageing multi-tasker – yet many women are still unsure of how it works and what it’s used for. The recent resurgence of retinol-based products has seen it added to serums, moisturisers, neck and hand creams and even eye creams.

So why the rebirth of something that’s been around for years?

Many myths surround the use of retinol, such as thinning of the skin, causing hypersensitivity. The fact is that according to global research, retinol-based products – together with sunscreen containing a high SPF (necessary for full UV protection) – give the skin everything it needs for maximum health, especially around the delicate eye area. Retinol is known to boost collagen (the skin’s support structure) to help firm skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Fewer breakouts due to decreased oil production also improve the pore size, better removal of impurities. Furthermore, since retinol boosts cell renewal, it leads to a more even, enhanced and radiant skin tone – great news for all women, especially those aged over 30.

What more could a girl’s skin want!?

The original version of this story appeared on the June issue of DESTINY