Celebrity couple Melanie and Zwai Bala have released a statement on Twitter to confirm that they are parting ways.

“We confirm that we have separated and divorce proceedings are underway. We have come to a mutual decision that although we’ve strived to be the best version of ourselves within our marriage, we have sadly fallen short of that,” the statement reads.

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Below is the full statement:

In a previous article in DESTINY, they explained their approach to the media, while holidaying in Mauritius with DESTINY. At the time they told us that they usually turn down requests from the media to be photographed, unless it is a respectable publication.

“We’re not in the limelight. We don’t go to every function that we’re invited to,” said Melanie. “We choose what we go to. We also don’t court publicity like other people do. This is the first thing that we’re doing as couple. They also refuse to have their two young children photographed. “I’m not going to put them in the public eye and sell them.”