Detangle your hair while it’s wet 

Natural hair is fragile, and detangling while it’s dry will cause damage to it. After wetting the hair, apply a generous amount of a nourishing conditioner

Find a conditioner that contains cetearyl alcohol as it provides slip, which is what you need when detangling hair.

Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes, founder of Earthy haircare, explains that while alcohol is generally a haircare ingredient to steer clear of, cetearyl alcohol is an exception. “It makes the conditioner slippery. It’s not alcohol in the traditional sense as it’s derived from natural sources like coconut palms.”

Detangle in sections 

The best way to detangle hair is to do it in sections. Divide your hair into four or six parts, depending on the length and thickness. This ensures that the whole head is tangle-free.

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Start from the ends and work your way up 

Focusing on one area at a time, gently detangle the hair using your fingers first. Work your way up from the tip to the root – this is the most important step. Then detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb or a detangling comb. Be very gentle and make sure you don’t split the hair.

Once the ends are detangled, begin detangling an inch above that, Curly Nikki advises. Keep going until you get to the roots and the entire section is detangled.

You can twist or braid each section after detangling to prevent the hair from knotting again.