1. Why did you become part of the show? 

I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to branch out and try something new – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a wedding?

  1. What has been your favourite part of the show so far?

It was wonderful to see the cultural diversity; we truly are a Rainbow Nation. The diversity really come through in the various weddings to which we were invited. We attended a Lebanese wedding in Maboneng, a Zulu Shembe wedding in KwaZulu-Natal, an Afrikaans wedding in Parys, Free State, and even a Hindu wedding in Johannesburg and Durban, which were all so beautiful and diverse.

  1. What are the top three mistakes people make when it comes to food for weddings?
  • I find that people often try to go over the top, and in doing so, do not get the basics right. I’d suggest keeping it simple. Catering for a large crowd is not easy, so stay focused on the basics and the rest will fall into place.
  • The bridal couple often lose themselves in the process, over-shadowed by the caterer’s suggestions and expectations from their family and friends. I would suggest sitting down with your partner and really taking some time to think about what you love and stay true to that throughout the process. The caterers and event organisers may be experts in their field, but no-one knows you better than yourself. It is your special day after all.
  • If you are doing the wedding yourselves, make sure your guests have enough food throughout the day and especially when the photographs are being taken.

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  1. Is food one of the key things when it comes to a wedding?

Absolutely! Any event is judged by its food offering – it could either make or break the event. The catering is often the biggest thing people talk about on the way home, so send your guests off with a memorable menu.

  1. What’s your advice for people getting married when it comes to picking the food for their wedding? 
  • Couples should pick food that is true to them and that their guests will enjoy, as you wouldn’t want wastage in terms of spend or food.
  • The menu needs to varied, and needs to cater for those who do not necessarily eat meat.
  • A general rule is that the flavour of the food should not be over-powering to cater for the slightly less advanced palate.
  • Always do a tasting of your menus before committing to the final offering.
  1. You’ve also had a great year and won awards?

This year has been a phenomenal one for me, for which I am so grateful. I have won three international awards, two of which were from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, which is the foodie equivalent of the Oscars. Siba’s Table also picked up a prestigious Silver Screen Award at the US International Film and Video Festival. I have also completed filming two new seasons of Siba’s Table, as seen on Food Network on DStv, with season three currently on screens, and season four on screens in early 2018. Wedding Bashers is also currently on screen on M-Net, which was also filmed this year, and then finally, I played host to international baking star, Paul Hollywood, while he was in South Africa filming a new season of Paul Hollywood City Bakes early this year. To top it off, my own Business, The Siba Co. is doing some very exciting stuff in the background, so watch this space!

  1. What has been the secret to your success?

From a young age, I knew exactly what I wanted and every day, I wake up with that same goal in mind. I am focused, prepared, and determined. I will not stop until I have achieved what I have set out to achieve. I also pick myself up quickly if I hit a stumbling block – there is no time to dwell on what didn’t work. There are far too many opportunities out there!