Skhumba is now the official brand ambassador for the OLX brand in South Africa.

He appears in a new OLX TV commercial that hit our screens for the first time on 16 January.

In the advert, the Savanah’s Comic of the Year award-winner is seen playing the role of “People’s Side Bae”. He shares humorous tips on how people can set themselves economically free.

“Being the National Spokesperson of OLX and the People’s Side Bae is more like fun for me. It was an easy decision for me to make because I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to help my community. My job is to simply share my thoughts on how people can set themselves economically free. It’s simple, if you have items that you hardly use, somebody out there needs them. OLX baba, OLX,” the cheerful Skhumba says.

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He says he believes in win-win situations, where people help each other by any means necessary.

“When you sell something to somebody on OLX, you don’t only make money, but you also help somebody get something they don’t have and that is a beautiful thing. When you buy something from somebody, you are helping them with what they need while you get what you need. It’s a win-win for all,” added Skhumba.

OLX South Africa Country Manager Thembani Biyam says they wanted the campaign to strike a balance by not taking themselves too seriously, while addressing a topic that’s important to everyone in an engaging and relevant way.

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“We want to show people that OLX offers a fast, simple, safe and local way of being financially smart. With Black River FC’s expertise, we found the right person for the job in Skhumba and we’re excited to have him on board,” says Biyam.

While many believe January has eight weeks, you can rely on OLX to work that much harder for you this January by turning your goods into cash, turning “Januworry” into an economically free January.