Hair is hair. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to take care of it. And if you’ve gone for a chiskop or a brush cut, remember that you still need to keep your scalp moisturised and hydrated.

Titus Magida, a hair consultant at MosDefinite Salon in Johannesburg, says that men need to start realising the importance of hair maintenance.

“It doesn’t matter how long or short your hair, maintenance is the key to a healthy scalp and hair,” Magida says.

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“This is especially true for guys who spend a lot of time in water, like swimmers, who could be showering three times a day. Water can make your scalp quite dry overtime.”

Magida goes on to outline the hair maintenance routine every gent should start incorporating into their daily grooming regimen.


“All men need to moisturise their hair daily. The best type of moisturiser, especially for our type and texture of hair, is a coconut-based one,” Magida says.


“For natural hair, gents need to use a sulphate-free shampoo. This is because it doesn’t strip one’s natural oils in the same way that many other shampoos do – it helps retain them,” Magida explains.

He goes on to say that men should only shampoo their hair a maximum of three times a week.

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After shampooing your hair, you have to use a conditioner.

“Leave the conditioner in the hair for seven to 10 minutes. It brings back the moisture that was possibly stripped by the shampoo,” Magida explains.

“It also leaves your hair feeling softer and easier to manage.”