Isibaya actress gets her new car as part of her partnership with Audi South Africa. Talking to DESTINY, she says she always felt a familiarity with the brand.

“It’s beautiful. The features are futuristic, it’s got a personal touch.I like the fact that there so much attention to detail, everything that you need, everything that would bother you about a car have been simplified,” she says.

She explains that she has a big family and is always taking road trips. “There is always a road trip somewhere, we always want to go out with the kids, take my nieces and nephews on road trips, so this car makes sense for me,” she says.

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The actress scored the partnership with the brand last year. Audi SA Public Relations Manager Tashta Bhana says her personality, progressive career and what she has achieved in her life made her an excellent celebrity to represent the brand.

“The brand is all about moving forward, progressing and achieving things beyond any obstacle and she’s lived her life in that regard,” she says.

Bhana says Mbatha pushes herself to be better, to forge her own path and that was the person they wanted for the brand.

“We are so proud to be associated with her, so we will continue the partnership this year and into 2019,” she says.

Mbatha says the experience has been amazing since her first meeting with the brand. She says Audi represents who she is, how she executes her career, her everyday life and the choices she makes.

“It was really an easy decision and it always has been a great, great relationship,” she says.

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The actress has also revealed that she will be doing a lot of global work this year. She says last year was all about establishing relationships and this year is about growing them.

“There are so many things that I am going to be involved in, not only with the travelling but also with the United Nations, High Commissioner for refugees. We will be doing a lot of activities across Africa and the world.

“There is a big project that I am working on and I’m very excited about it because it’s going to benefit a lot of young people. Anyone who knows me, know I am passionate about that. So, expect to see more of Audi in that space,” she says