According to USB, the USA-based Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the UK-based Association of MBAs (AMBA) visited the school last year to assess the school, its academic programmes, and resources.

USB also has EQUIS accreditation from the Belgian-based European Foundation for Management Development. This puts the school in the company of some 86 schools worldwide with the Triple Crown of international accreditations.

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USB Director Piet Naudé said the school’s reaccreditation by both AACSB and AMBA at the start of 2018 confirms an ongoing culture of excellence. “For us to earn and maintain these international accreditations we need to look at everything we do through a quality filter. It calls for a long-term commitment to providing the best curricula, best academics, and best resources to our students. It is not based on the findings of an annual perception survey.”

USB has received full re-accreditation for another five-year period from the AACSB as well as AMBA. “Our mission is to develop responsible leaders. We see these accreditations as a confirmation that what we do is making an impact,” Naudé said.

This was indeed expressed as a strength when the members of the accreditation bodies met with several representatives of the South African corporate world and stakeholders of the school, who emphasised the contribution that USB graduates and the institution have made to the business and civic communities of the country.

The accreditation agencies look at business schools and their programmes from different angles. The AACSB emphasises continuous quality improvement in business education across three dimensions, which include engagement, innovation, and impact. AMBA’s accreditation criteria focus on every aspect of MBA provision, including the institution, faculty, curriculum, and assessments. EQUIS assesses business schools as a whole, including their programmes, internationalisation activities, research, corporate connections and social engagement.

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“Together, the three accreditation bodies scrutinise every single aspect of our school. To start the year with the news that we have just been fully reaccredited by two international bodies confirms that we are delivering on our value commitment of excellence,” Naudé said.

– African News Agency