Eyebrows are a hot topic right now, with upcoming trends focusing on brows like never before. Perfecting those curves is no easy feat, and while they may seem like a small facial feature, they have a huge impact, and it’s often tricky to get them looking just right.

“Often disregarded in a make-up routine, brows can make or break your entire look. Giving your brows the attention and love they need, and making the most subtle enhancements can make a world of difference” says Meyers.

Here are Gina’s three top tips to perfect those arches:


It’s crucial to maintain neat and defined eyebrows – no excuses! The 80s are long gone, and while thick, bushy brows are in now, you can’t let them grow wild.

It’s advisable to have your brows shaped by a professional. Everyone’s eyebrows are different and they should be shaped to suit your unique features. The “one size fits all” rule doesn’t apply here. Shaping brows is a process, but if you are patient and give it enough time, it’ll be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

If you have thin brows, there’s no harm in giving them a bit of a helping hand with a boosting growth serum.


There are many different product formulations you can choose from to fill your brows, including powders, gels and pencils.

Usually a brow pencil is a great option as it allows for greater precision.

To start, define the bottom of your brow by creating a straight line from the start of your brow, to your arch. Apply soft pressure to begin with and increase the pressure as you reach the arch to create more definition.

Then finish the line to the end of your brow, drawing down and always following your hairline, maintaining the pressure from your arch.

Finally, line the top of your brow with just enough pressure to create more definition. The line should not be as dark as your bottom line.

Once you have both lines drawn in, you will want to blend them together. Using your pencil, create tiny light strokes, from the bottom to the top in the same direction as your hair growth. Blend these in further using the applicator brush on the end of the pencil. 

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To ensure that your brows look natural, you have to choose the right colour. This should be as close to your natural hair colour as possible.

You should also keep your skin tone in mind. Those with darker skin can afford to go for a colour that is slightly darker.

My top tip to remember when it comes to brows is this: Subtlety is key! You don’t want people screaming “BROWS!” as you walk into the room.

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How not to do a brow: We have all seen it before . . . brows that are not so on fleek.  Here is a little reminder of how not to do brows – ever!



Image sources: Hercampus, Bellanaija