Uthando Nes’thembu viewers were left in shock last night after a preview of next week’s episode saw MaYeni dropping a bombshell on her husband in revealing that she wants a divorce.

Speaking to TimesLive on Friday, Mseleku said that while contractual commitments prevent him from commenting before the episode airs, he confirmed that MaYeni was no longer satisfied in the relationship.

“I can’t really comment until everything is revealed in the show. It was really a bombshell for all of us. But what can I say? I guess it’s one of those things… I was as shocked as everyone to find out that MaYeni is filling for divorce. The whole family was left very confused, but people will see how it as the show goes,” he said.

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“It is a reality show so nothing is staged. She said she’s not happy. Her reasons were that she’s not happy and things are not OK.”

Mseleku has four wives –  MaCele, his first wife, second wife MaYeni, MaKhumalo, the third wife, and fourth wife MaNgwabe. He has 10 children with them.

In a previous interview with DESTINY, MaYeni – who was the first of the wives to date Mseleku – admitted that growing up, she never saw herself entering into a polygamous marriage.

When she told him that her family would never approve of the set-up, Mseleku ended up marrying MaCele.

“Besides him being married, everything about Musa was great and we still had a good relationship,” she said.

She said the prospect of sharing her partner with someone else wasn’t the easiest pill to swallow at first, but she eventually came around to the idea.

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“I told myself I have to accept it in order to be happy,” adding that she knows it also wasn’t easy for MaCele to accept her.

While the arrangement may seem like an powder keg, MaYeni says the wives get on like a house on fire. She says every household has its ups and downs, but that her personality enables her to confront challenges head on.

“If I have a problem with any of the wives I won’t keep quiet or sweep it under the carpet. I’m very open and transparent, so if someone has done something I don’t like, I will voice it.”

She revealed that the most challenging aspect about being in a polygamous marriage was having to be understanding of each wife.

“It’s not easy understanding each and every person because we all come from different backgrounds. It’s been a long, bumpy road and we’ve come a long way, and now things are great,” she says.