As a child Masango dreamt of becoming a neurosurgeon, but after watching the film The Pursuit of Happyness – based on a true story of a poor man who became a stock broker and went on to become a millionaire – and growing tired of seeing people getting swindled out of their money through pyramid schemes, she decided to change tack.

Having dropped out of university where she was studying a B.Com degree in Entrepreneurial Management in 2011 due to financial constraints, she began learning about the world of investing, equity markets, Forex and derivatives and taught herself how to trade on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) before starting Bear Run Investments in 2013.

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“We don’t personally trade or invest individuals’ funds, nor do we give any form of financial or investment advice. What we do, however, is provide individuals with access to educational programmes and workshops which will enable them to trade and invest themselves,” she says.

Having self-funded her business, Masango says starting a business with minimal capital has taught her the value of networking and leveraging off connections to help mitigate the growth limitations that come from not having access to funding.

Driven by the late Maya Angelou’s mantra “when you learn, teach, when you get, give” and the success of Bear Run Investments which has made Masango a self-made millionaire at the age of 24, she recently launched FeFine, which stands for Females with Finance, a company that’s geared towards empowering female entrepreneurs and women looking to start their own businesses through strategic partnerships with investors who help them gain access to funding.

FeFine, she says, is also about teaching women how to be financially literate, so they understand how savings work, how a retirement annuity works and how to treat money in order to make it work for them.

FeFine offers aspiring business owners a range of educational tools, tips, workshops and online course that will help them get started on their journey to financial independence.

“Being a woman is expensive and some young ladies don’t know that they have to work hard for their money especially in the time of the blesser. FeFine is there to inspire women to be financially independent or else we’ll continue to find ourselves in sticky situations,” she says.

Masango often uses the analogy that money is like people. Just as you have respect for other people, she says women should have the same kind of respect for money and that, according to her, is they key to wealth creation.

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Building a highly reputable Forex trading company that’s competing and succeeding against some of the best in the country is an accomplishment Masango is extremely proud of and in the next few years she plans to expand her business across our borders, with the ultimate plan to take the business global. She also plans to complete her studies and eventually obtain an PhD.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that success is not a destination, but a journey and that your key divers for success should be self-motivated and not driven by money.

“Set goals that are so high, far fetched and out of your comfort zone that you need to change and better yourself as a person to achieve them,” she advises.