Stress causes grey hair – True or false?


Our expert says: “Yes, it’s a myth that stress causes hair to turn grey. However, stress can cause hair loss, as with disorders such as telogen effluvium and alopecia areata. Grey hairs are then more apparent due to loss of hair,” says dermatologist Dr Lushen Pillay.

Washing your face with regular soap is fine. True or false?


Our expert says: “Using a regular soap bar is the worst thing you can do for your skin. Our skin is naturally acidic and most soap bars are alkaline. One should never use any skin products that contain alkaline substances. The skin has a protective layer called the acid mantle. This layer acts as a barrier against bacteria, which usually cause acne and lead to dryness. Regular bar soap strips the skin of this protective layer,” says Cherie Fraser, aesthetic specialist at Dermology.

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Using methylated spirits after shaving will kill bacteria. True or false?

True, but not advised

Our expert says: “The spirit has harsh chemicals that are effective for cleaning metals and windows, and degreasing. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use it as an aftershave. It will dry out the skin and make it more sensitive,” says Fraser.

Shaving makes hair grow back faster and thicker. True or false?


Our expert says: “We have seen this in our practice when we deal with clients who are undergoing hair removal. It depends very much on the individual,” says Dr Dirna Grobbelaar from Ivo Health.

Guys can use women’s facial skincare products. True or false?


Our expert says: “Skincare products are now designed to cater for a specific skin condition, rather than a gender. We now have unisex products that moisturise the skin and treat acne and scarring,” says Fraser.

Using more shaving cream equals a closer shave. True or false?


Our expert says: “The closeness of a shave depends on the type and quality of the blade. The cream prevents the skin from becoming sensitive,” says Fraser.

We should brush our teeth after each meal. True or false?


Our expert says: “Don’t brush immediately after eating. Sugar makes the mouth more acidic and weakens tooth enamel. Rather rinse with water and wait an hour before brushing your teeth,” says Grobbelaar. She recommends brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day – in the morning and before bed.

You don’t need to use sunscreen when it’s cloudy or cold. True or false?


Our expert says: “We need to wear sunscreen every single day, whether it’s cloudy or sunny. One can still get sunburnt on a cloudy day,” says Fraser.

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Always shave downwards to avoid razor bumps and irritation. True or false?


Our expert says: “This decreases the number of razor bumps and ingrown hairs,” says Fraser.

Bad breath can come from your tongue. True or false?


“The breakdown of food debris, plaque and post-nasal drip on the back of the tongue can release volatile sulphur compounds, causing an unpleasant smell,” says Grobbelaar.