With the current economic climate, it is becoming common for companies to undergo a restructure of sorts. When this happens, it is often the case that two or more roles are combined into one. Business and Life Coach, Anele Chonco, says that when your job responsibilties change dramatically, it’s important to take a breather and not overreact.

Instead of discussing the matter with your manager immediately, give yourself some time to digest your new responsibilities and determine what affect it will have on your day-to-day life and your short and long-term goals.

Understand what the new role entails

It’s important to understand whether the additional responsibilities are temporary or permanent. If temporary, how long are you expected to perform those duties for?

Write down a list of your current responsibilties and then a list of your new duties. Analyse how taking on the new responsibilities will affect your day-to-day life. Do you have capacity? How will it affect you physically and psychologically? This exercise should give you an indiciation as to how much your work life will change.

Determine if the changes align with your career goals

While it’s important to be a team player in the workplace, you need to ensure that you feel valued and motivated within the company. It is crucial that you have a career development plan, which describes where you see yourself in a year, two years and five years. Will taking on these new responsibilties help you to reach any of your goals?

Do you stand to develop new skills?

Sometimes opportunties present themselves that aren’t part of your plan but you stand to benefit by upskilling or learning a new skill. By rolling with punches, you could expand your skill-set set and put yourself in good stead for success in a future role.

Have an honest discussion with your manager

It’s important to have an open discussion with your manager about your career goals and the opportunties for growth within the company, in order to manage both of your expectations.

Discuss how your new responsibilties and deliverables will be be measured and if it will affect your remuneration. If you believe that you deserve a pay raise, illustrate how the additional responsibilties will affect you day-to-day and what value you bring to the company. Ensure that you and your manager come to an agreement on your responsibilties and deliverables.

Embrace the change

It’s important to remember that when a company is going through a transformation, employers value staff who are willing to go the extra mile because it demonstrates commitment and loyalty, says Chonco. “But if the job or new responsibilities are out of your depth, it’s important to discuss any discomforts with your manager as it happens. If you feel that the load is too much for you, stop and have a discussion with your manager before throwing in the towel.”