Saved by a robot turning green at the right time, the actress said she was grateful “to be alive and unscathed”.

Detailing the incident on Twitter, Thusi said she had stopped at a red robot in Braamfontein when a man suddenly appeared at her window and pointed a gun towards her, threatening to shoot her if she didn’t comply.

“Someone definitely just pulled a gun on me in Braam while I was in my car. Then said I should give him my phone or he’d shoot me. I said ‘no’, then drove away (luckily the light just turned green),” she wrote.

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“What makes me laugh is how I was so calm about it at the time. A very calm ‘no’. Thank God, I’m safe.”

Thusi said she wasn’t intimidated by the gun because she hand been exposed to and handled fake guns on movie sets before.

“I’ve worked with fake guns on movies and other shows so they don’t immediately freak me out,” she said.

“I only started freaking out a few minutes later. Thug life.”