This, after Amazon recently acquired Ring – a company which manufactures Internet-connected doorbells, cameras and smart home products – in a deal that is reportedly worth $1,1 billion.

Ring is best known for its doorbell with a security camera inside.

The device allows home-owners to monitor visitors at their front door through an app on their phone, even if they’re not at home. Amazon has made home automation a major focus because of the success of its Echo family of products, which allow users to control thermostats, surveillance cameras and other connected devices using voice commands.

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The New York Times reports that Amazon’s Echo Spot device already works with Ring doorbells, allowing people to look at footage from the cameras on the Echo Spot’s screen.

The American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur, whose real name is Nasir Jones, reportedly invested early in the Ring through the venture capital firm Queens Bridge Venture Partners.

The rapper apparently developed a keen interest in investing at an early age. In an interview with CNBC in 2016, Nas told the business news site that he reckons anyone could be involved with investing if they have the means, but he would advise anyone who wants to invest to be careful.

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“You have to study it. It’s not easy to find the projects that are going to generate a return, and you have to invest your time and energy – not just your money – into researching the companies that are going to do big things,” he was quoted as saying.

Additional reporting by New York Times and CNBC