No-one’s been as unapologetically happy as DJ Zinhle has since stepping onto the entertainment scene. Not so long ago, much of her publicity was centred around her romantic life.

However, since nothing can derail the plans of a resolute woman – especially one who’s also a savvy marketer – the focus is back on her career.

She doesn’t make a bid for privacy in our interview, though her guarded nature and calculated pauses when responding to questions suggest someone attempting to maintain a professional demeanour. “Lately, I prefer being at home because I can that’s where I can be myself, without needing to put up a front. It’s not that I feel threatened by being in the public eye, but for me, work starts as soon as I step out of my home. Being out there is a lot of effort,” she explains.

In the softest intonation, she corrects herself: “Obviously, it’s not only my home, because I’m a mom now,” she says, adding that motherhood has been her greatest achievement and Kairo her best blessing ever. “Sometimes I feel as if I’m failing my daughter, but I know that if my intentions are good and I also put in the necessary effort, God will receive it as that,” she says.


There’s something fascinating about celebrities who aren’t afraid to wear their vulnerabilities on their sleeve: the more human traits they display, the more relatable and lovable they become. DJ Zinhle possesses this quality in full.

She isn’t concerned about adhering to a standard of motherhood that portrays her as having it all figured out. “Motherhood challenges everything you thought you knew about yourself. It requires more than you thought you’d ever give, but the returns are invaluable,” she observes, joking that she’s had to step up her parenting game now that Kairo expresses her demands verbally.

She’s not shy to ask for help or rejig her schedule when mommy guilt, which she believes is incurable, gets the better of her. This, in turn, has allowed her to get on with wearing her many career hats without worrying about her daughter’s well-being.

“Luckily, I have a solid support structure in my family, especially my sister, who’s based in Pretoria. If I need to be somewhere, she doesn’t mind shipping her entire family to my house. Lynn, Kiernan’s mom, is also amazing at taking over when work gets frantic, as is my nanny Zama,” she says.