After eight years in management at Unilever, Luthuli founded her own integrated marketing communications agency, called Bloom Marketing. Over the past 13 years, the company has crafted award-winning campaigns for multinational corporations such as Unilever, Vodacom and the City of Joburg.

“I felt a burning desire to create the kind of future I dreamt of,” she explains. “I have an insatiable hunger to live life to the fullest, while positively impacting my immediate world. I believe in life – we don’t arrive and stop; there has to be progress.”

Growing multiple businesses

Following the success of Bloom Marketing’s offices in Durban and Johannesburg, Luthuli launched Lutluxe Lifestyle Brands, a sister company that specialises in the development of lifestyle brands.

“I love the creative process of conceptualising and building brands,” she says. “I wanted an exclusive space where I could create brands that nurture, enhance and restore the stature of our being. I am moved by social ills and challenges, especially those facing women and youth, so the aim is to create platforms and branded initiatives that can address these issues.”

In 2014, she launched Make-up MOB, a make-up boutique for all occasions. The company has grown steadily, with increasing awareness and bookings from outside of its base in Durban. It has attracted corporate event bookings for conferences and films, as well as video production for local and international music talent such asOmarion and Tira. The boutique is currently gearing up to franchise.

“The business plan continues to evolve as we become more immersed in the beauty and grooming space,” says Luthuli. “With franchise enquiries in Gauteng and Mozambique, we are excited about what the future holds, and we are looking into manufacturing our own make-up range.”

She says the most important business lesson she has learnt is that success requires you to be driven by purpose and passion. “It takes a solid team, investing in others, and nurturing and developing talent to holistically drive growth. Also, no matter how much you know, as you progress in life, every level of success demands more of you. The best leaders are both students and masters, so always strive to improve yourself and develop new skills.”

Luthuli’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Dream big and believe in yourself. Success is not only for a select few. We all have what it takes to realise our dreams.
  • Tapping into your inner power requires you to discover your purpose and gifts, and marry them with your passion and interests. Strive to constantly develop and serve humanity.