When Molefe first met Sekhoto, who was supposed to help her place a housekeeper, the two had such a strong connection that they ended up becoming business partners.  Sekhoto, who was running a personal concierge business at the time, invite Molefe to join her.

The women now own Home Run Concierge, providing tailored lifestyle support for busy clients who need help with personal errands and daily tasks.

“I had a small business working mainly on referrals, as I was a servicing a small group of high net-worth individuals. At our first meeting, we just clicked.  We’re both very passionate about providing a service that makes the lives of women – especially career women – easier,” explains Sekhoto.

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“When Karabo approached me, I knew I could bring my experience in branding, public relations and marketing to the venture so that we could expand and offer a broader service,” recalls Molefe. The wife of media personality Tbo Touch, she was already a firm believer in concierge services, which helped her manage her sometimes hectic lifestyle.

The two women have been operating informally for just over a year, but plan to host a Bubbles Brunch launch event in May.

While Sekhoto was previously running a similar service, starting this newer, more expansive version has had its challenges. “It’s been an eventful start. We initially budgeted about R30 000 for the initial costs, but they’ve amounted to close on R100 000. While you can speculate on what you’ll require, only when you’re actually immersed in it do you realise what you’ll need. We’ve learnt that despite our passions and skills, it’s not as easy as we thought it would be,” she says.

Their journey’s been further complicated by their having to self-fund entirely, as they’ve been unable to secure external funding. “We know the value of our services, but convincing funders to come on board just hasn’t happened. However, we believe that funding will find us on the way. We just have to get on with it and keep moving forward,” says Sekhoto.

“What we’re offering is basically a career woman’s dream. I firmly believe every woman needs a wife – and that’s where we come in.”

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The business’s services include doing time-consuming, but essential administrative tasks like renewing car licences, paying electricity and other service bills, finding reputable nannies and domestics, doing grocery shopping, driving children to appointments or extra lessons, helping them with cultural or vernacular instruction or taking them on exciting educational excursions, among many other things. Clients can either pay per service or opt for one of several flexible, structured service packages.

“We’re both passionate about what we do and have focused our offerings on what we believe the modern African woman needs and should have access to. We want to enable our clients to live their best lives. Many concierge services will only do daily domestic tasks, but we offer holistic and enriching experiences,” says Molefe.

“Women today work hard, so why shouldn’t they enjoy a good life? We’re here to complete the tasks you have to do so that you’re free to enjoy more fulfilling downtime. We want you to focus on being a powerhouse at work and the best mom and wife at home. We’re your village!”