As we get older, things change. We prefer to stay on the couch instead of partying late into the night, we swap casual jeans for pencil skirts, and pizza for spinach, because it is healthier. Our beauty regimens should also change with different stages of life.

As the body’s largest organ, skin deserves exceptional care. Women the world over agree that a major concern is ageing. The question is: How is dewy, subtle, healthy skin preserved?

That’s where AgeWell comes in because it’s really never too early to start taking good care of your skin. Powerful ingredients in the AgeWell range include pumpkin enzyme, mirabilis jalapa extract and secale cereale seed extract.

At every step

AgeWell helps to redefine how you approach skincare. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, this range caters to your specific needs because what works for you when you are younger might not work as you get older.

A woman’s skin changes throughout adulthood, so the AgeWell range comes in three ageing categories – Proactive, Pause and Restore. These enhance your skin in your 20s, pause time in your 30s and restore youthfulness in your 40s and up.

Remedy for every stage

Proactive: Suitable for women in their 20s when you are most likely studying or starting a career. You can manage to burn the midnight oil easily, whether its hitting the books, meeting a tight deadline, or having fun with the girls. Let your skincare items match your fast-paced lifestyle. The Proactive range helps preserve youthfulness, target uneven skin tone and prevent visible signs of ageing later on in life.

Pause: Your 30s brings with it a stronger sense of self as you grow into your career and/or start your own family. But this decade also may bring uneven and dull skin and expression lines become more visible. Don’t despair. The Pause range halts premature wrinkle formation while shielding the skin against harmful pollutants.

Restore: When you’re in your 40s and older, you’ve probably hit a comfortable spot in your career, and your children are fast becoming independent adults. At the same time, expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles are now noticeable and hard to get rid of. This is when you need to restore your skin’s support structure in order to look younger for longer. This range helps reduce sagging, while firming, lifting, hydrating and revitalising your skin for a youthful glow.


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