Seldom the star ingredient in a meal, mushrooms are under-rated. No more! These tiny gems have abundant advantages. It’s time to learn more about them.

Mushrooms are neither plant nor meat, but fungi, and are conveniently available throughout the year.

Not only do mushrooms have a delicious meaty flavour with a hearty texture, but they are also very low in calories, so men the world over can use them to help make a dent in their beer bellies.

Did you know?

Nutrient-rich mushrooms are formidable allies in mitigating three major male health risks: heart attacks, obesity and prostate cancer.

With Meatless Mondays becoming more popular, you can use mushrooms to easily replace any meat in a meal. As it is virtually fat-free, you keep the weight off yet still gain muscle. It’s a win-win situation!

The numbers
Every 100g of white button mushrooms contains 3,1g of protein, 0,3g of fat and only 22 calories.

As a fierce antioxidant, selenium provides great support to the immune system and prevents the harm of cells. It can also work wonders in reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

The numbers
In one cup of portabellini mushrooms, there is 36mcg of selenium and only 80 calories.

Salt consumption in South Africa remains high. Many adults consume more than 9g a day, which is almost double the World Health Organisation’s recommended daily intake of 5g or less. Mushrooms are very low in sodium, so they decrease the risk of hypertension associated with high intake of salt.

The numbers
In 100g of mushrooms, there is only 14mg of salt.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the number one killer of men, by eating a diet rich in potassium and low in sodium.

The numbers
In one cup of sliced white mushrooms, there is 428mg of potassium and only 15 calories.


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