Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Who doesn’t dream of waking up to glorious, glowing skin? Well, Dermalogica has created the perfect skincare product for the consummate dreamer with the release of its Sound Sleep Cocoon.

Why do we love it? You really don’t have to do all that much with this product – just pump a pea-sized amount into your hand, apply to clean skin after your night-time cleanse and go to bed. This revitalising treatment gel-cream transforms skin overnight by optimising night-time skin recovery and hydration. The gel-cream’s encapsulated, motion-activated French-lavender essential oil (with sandalwood and patchouli) works through the night to promote deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin by morning.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon, R1 295

Sisley Black Rose Infusion Cream

A winter essential for DESTINY’s beauty assistant, Sisley’s Black Rose Infusion Cream is the daily skincare cream you need if you’re looking to plump up your skin and improve its radiance. Not only is this product effective for combating a dull complexion, it’s also luxuriantly sensorial when applied to the skin, as the cream’s silky texture transforms into micro-droplets that settle on your skin, infusing it with the antioxidants and moisture and leaving it refreshed.

Sisley Black Rose Infusion Cream, R2570

Africology Balancing Serum

If you’re dealing with acne-prone, dry skin this winter and are looking for a natural, soothing alternative, Africology’s balancing serum is worth a try.

Formulated with vitamin B complex, which works to clear acne, as well as vitamin C, rosemary and lemon to clear congested pores, this serum helps gently balance the skin without stripping it of the oils it needs to protect itself.

Africology Balancing Serum, R390

Beauté Pacifique SuperFruit Hydrating Face Mist

When your skin needs a quick boost, there are few products that work as well and as fast as Beauté Pacifique’s SuperFruit Hydrating Mist.

A must-have for those who suffer from tight, dry skin, this mist, infused with lingonberry extracts that protect your skin, immediately provides refreshing relief, while also firming up the skin.

Beauté Pacifique SuperFruit Hydrating Face Mist, R610