The non-profit foundation, which is the custodian of his life and a committed facilitator of his living legacy, came together with the unique fashion brand Kisua, which takes inspiration from traditional African techniques and materials and blends them with a contemporary design aesthetic and ethical production methods.

 The 466/64 fashion brand takes its name from the prison number of Mandela, the young, defiant revolutionary fighter whose actions fuelled a movement that changed South Africa forever. He was prisoner number 466 in the year 1964.

466/64 will have a new, youth-focused, socially-conscious brand direction, that will honour the legacy of Madiba by providing financial support to his humanitarian efforts, through the work of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

This first instalment is a combination of affordable casual wear in the form of T-shirts, hoodies and accessories like berets, military and baseball caps that celebrate different facets of Madiba’s life.

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The collection also includes a limited edition ‘Mandela100′ capsule in celebration of his centenary year.

The Freedom Range is another T-shirt capsule collection that features the iconic silhouette of Nelson Mandela as he exited prison for the final time in 1990 and pays homage to this historic moment.

 The collection is proudly “Made in South Africa” and available for purchase on, the Kisua Sandton City store and selected retailers nationwide.

Here’s a sneak peak at the line: