You almost always know early on when trying out a new beauty range if it’s going to get on well with your skin. So here’s how I knew that the new Agewell range — the newest line from Ascendis Health (the makers of Nimue) — was one with which I’d build a lasting relationship.

Due to my rushed mornings, I usually only get around to moisturising my skin and applying a bit of makeup after the morning school run. Most times, this happens at the parking lot at my daughter’s school. On day one of trying out Agewell’s 30s range, I started with the velvet-textured Dual Action Cleanser to wash my face. It doubles up as an exfoliator if you leave it on for an extra ten minutes and can be used twice a week.

There’s usually a 45-minute gap between me washing and moisturising my face. Unlike with other face washes that left my skin feeling like it had been cleansed with a detergent, the Dual Action Cleanser made my skin supple and it was baby-soft long after I’d washed it! This cleanser is literally the best thing after bras and breast milk [chuckles]!

The fast-absorbing 360 Eye Enhancer and Revitalizing Serum leaves plenty room for the skin to breathe, therefore making it easy for it to further absorb the Pause Day Cream or the Pause Night Cream (repeat your morning routine at night time, replacing the day cream with the night version for quick and consistent results).

VERDICT: Winter is a risky time to experiment with a new skincare range — my skin usually dries badly at this time of the year due to the harsh weather. Over the years, I’d resorted to sticking with one routine that worked best to moisturise my skin. Having previously grappled with adult acne, I went through a phase of feeling naked without wearing a BB Cream or mineral makeup powder, but with my skin’s new-found natural glow from using Agewell’s 30’s Pause range, it really feels like I own my skin again. Neither the day nor the night cream are mattifiying or oily, which left my combination-type skin feeling perfectly balanced.

The 30s range is also designed to minimise the appearance of pores, a condition that is generally synonymous with this age group — this is another one of the results I’ve seen after just a month of using this range. In a time where cutting down on costs means everything, the fact that the cleanser and toner have a dual-function is a plus. Leave the cleanser on for 10 minutes longer to activate its exfoliating properties, and use the toner as a hydrating mist throughout the day. Simply spritz onto your face for that “just-stepped-out-the-steam-room” freshness. I’m glad to have taken a gamble with this anti-ageing range and look forward to Ascendis Health adding more products to it. I also can’t wait to see what new wonders it’ll work for my skin come summer-time.

Here’s to investing in our skins and ageing gracefully!

Quick facts

  • The 20s range, otherwise known as the Proactive range, helps preserve youthfulness by targeting uneven skin tone and preventing early signs of ageing.
  • The Restore range, specifically designed for women in their 40s onwards, helps reduce sagging, while firming, lifting, hydrating and revitalising your skin.
  • The range contains no parabens, SLES, alcohol or silicone, and is therefore less likely to irritate your skin.
  • Priced from R390 to R690 per product, the range is big on saving you money without compromising your skin’s wellbeing.
  • The Agewell range is available online at or at Foschini stores countrywide.
30s Skin: The Pause Range helps stop premature wrinkle formation, while shielding the skin against harmful pollutants.