What causes ingrown hairs?

A hair becomes ingrown when it regrows sideways or backwards inside the follicle instead of breaking through the surface of the skin. This usually affects black men (because of the texture of their hair) and guys with curly hair. In some instances this may be accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle. The skin usually becomes inflamed and having an oily skin contributes to the ingrown hair looking like a pimple.

Symptoms: Itchy skin, a rash, hair remains even after shaving, and pus forms under the skin.

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DIY treatment

Consider changing your shaving methods if this problem recurs. The wrong shaving equipment and technique might also be the cause.

Try this: Exfoliate before shaving and make sure your blades are sharp and clean.

Focusing on these essentials before shaving can go a long way towards eliminating the problem.

Important shaving preparation tips:

  • Wrap a warm, damp facecloth over your face to open your pores.
  • If some parts of the skin are already irritated, don’t shave over those areas more than once.
  • Change to finely clipped hair. Trimming your hair instead of a having very close shave will make it easier to treat ingrown hair.
  • Applying too much pressure with a razor can also contribute to the problem. If you prefer wet shaving, always use a generous amount of lather to help you get a clean, close shave.

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Professional treatment

Tzvia Hermann, the founder and CEO of The Laser Beautique says they can eliminate ingrown hair or folliculitis by deactivating the hair follicle so that the hair doesn’t grow back.

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