“On 3 July 2018, let us picket from 12pm for three hours at our various workplaces. [On] 4 July 2018, we will be addressed by our leaders at the CWU provincial offices at 10am. [On] 5 July 2018, we will embark on “go-slows” [and on] 6 July 2018, let us take to the streets in Cape Town in Keisergracht Street in our masses to show these companies that workers united will never be defeated,” the union said in a statement to members.

“For years, we have trusted them to do the right thing and over and over again, they have shown us and our families the middle finger.”

CWU said at Telkom the workforce of 67 000 employees had shrunk to below 12 000 and the management had stated that their target was 6 000 workers. Telkom said its final wage offer was 3%.

“SAPO put on the table [a] zero percent increase for the last two years, whilst employing top management with exorbitant salaries, while staff are expected to fund the running of SAPO out of our pockets. All this while petrol, electricity and water are increasing.”

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The union said instead of Telkom and SAPO employees seeing their salaries increasing, they were seeing their salaries shrinking, as the increase in the cost of living had to be covered out of their pockets and that of their families.

“The time has come for us to show these companies the middle finger and say: ‘Enough is enough.'”

– African News Agency