Inspired by Marvel’s Luke Cage, currently on the Netflix service, “a love letter to heroes and black culture”, the streaming service has sought out these heroes who live among our communities and resemble those characters.

Luke Cage resonates with those local heroes based on his multi-layered character portrayal – his strength, pride and fearlessness speak to the tenacity of those heroes.

As a nation that celebrates local heroes, you don’t always have to look to the silver screen for a hero – they are more than just fictional characters who live among us.

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Even the city’s toughest neighbourhood needs a defender and South Africa is filled with these selfless kinds of people.

To drive home how important it is to have a neighbourhood hero and how invaluable their work is, Netflix selected the following neighbourhood defenders who deserved recognition for their hard work and determination within their local communities.

One of those heroes is  Siya Mslathelwa from Gugulethu in Cape Town, who owns a gym and has influenced the youth in his neighbourhood to pursue their passion through training, thus encouraging them to stay off the streets.

Thembani Gqeku from Khayelitsha owns a boxing gym and is loved by his community because he encourages locals to find and follow their passion.

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Lastly, Jeofery Hlongo from Diepsloot tutors young children in his community to encourage them and drive home the message that education is the key to a successful future.

If you’re feeling inspired by our local heroes, download and watch these shows on the Netflix mobile app and be inspired to keep your community safe.