DJ Sbu is piping mad and he has every right to be.

His image has been used in a fake testimonial in which the businessman claims to have been cured of the virus after taking a spirulina-based cure developed by a doctor referred to in the pamphlet as Dr Zimwe.

Taking to Instagram this week, Leope expressed his disappointment at the scam and slammed the fraudsters for cutting corners instead of hustling hard.

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He said entrepreneurs should be focused on conceptualising and developing their own brands, not “doing such nonsense with other people’s brands”.

“I am extremely disappointed at how our brothers and sisters are taking shortcuts to make money, while being predators of our brands we have worked so hard to build,” Leope said.

“It is a disappointment to be taken advantage of in such a manner.”

He has taken legal action against the perpetrators and under legal advice has declined to comment further on the scam.

Ironically, Leope himself landed in hot water three years ago when he posted a fake image of himself featuring on the cover of Forbes Africa. 

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The fake cover, which showed Leope holding a can of his Mofaya energy drink, bore a striking resemblance to a 2013 Forbes US cover featuring former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and he had everyone believing the cover feature was real.

It turned out to be an exercise in guerrilla marketing which, depending on which side of the argument you stand, was a brilliant marketing campaign or caused him and his brand long-term reputational damage.