The self-proclaimed chief hustler is preparing to launch his home-grown “world-class” vodka just in time for spring festivities.

According to Loko Flame’s website, the vodka’s taste profile “boasts a distinctive earthy note and silky texture”, while the ingredients are from the North West.

DJ Sbu says his new alcohol range is the product of hard work and dedication – traits that he says are central to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

He demonstrated this back in 2016 when he took to the streets of Joburg to sell his proudly SA energy drink Mofaya.

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He killed two birds with one stone – promoting his brand, while raising awareness for the SLEF Benefit Concert.

“Building from the ground up requires patience, which most of us don’t have. We all want a quick pay-day,” he said.

Instead, he advised aspiring entrepreneurs not to rush or take corners when growing their businesses, saying entrepreneurs should rather take their time crafting a business plan and execution strategy.

“Relax, learn, focus and build gradually. It takes time, but it can be done,” he said.

But not everyone is pleased with the DJ’s latest business venture.

Outspoken poet Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to take a jab at DJ Sbu, calling him out for not using his “marketing genius” to focus on a more positive product that uplifts the nation, as opposed to a product that, when abused, damages lives.

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“Eish moFaya now has an alcholic range what a waste of a marketing genius to make the nation drunk. Why can’t you use your gift Dj Sbu?” she asked.

Explaining her comments, Mazwai said she was unapologetic about being “anti-booze” because “it is the leading cause of most social ills. Alcohol has broken our nation and we know it”.

DJ Sbu, however, seemed unperturbed by her concerns, writing in an Instagram post that while he respects and understands where she’s coming from, he also reminded her that at the end of the day he’s an entrepreneur and that they think differently.

He also took the opportunity to announce further additions to his beverage range, with a sugar-free version of the Mofaya energy drink, as well as a still and sparkling mineral water range, set for launch soon.