Beyoncé is set to feature on the cover of Vogue magazine for the second time, but it’s the first time she will appear on the coveted September issue.

This alone is a major feat. Ask any fashionista and they’ll tell you that’s because September in the Northern Hemisphere represents the start of a new academic year and it’s often perceived as the perfect time for change and personal reinvention.

The September issue of Vogue is the biggest (in size) on the most influential fashion magazine in the world’s calendar and sets the tone for fashion trends for the next 12 months, so Beyoncé gracing the cover is a very big deal.

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Huffington Post reports that veteran Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour has even agreed to relinquish her creative control to Beyoncé, with inside sources saying the songstress will have full control over the photos selected for the cover feature, as well as the accompanying captions, which she will reportedly write herself and in long-form.

This is an unprecedented move from the woman described as the “most powerful woman in media” and demonstrates the level of power and influence Queen Bey commands.

And in another first for the magazine, Beyoncé has chosen 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell to do the cover shoot. He becomes the first black photographer to shoot a cover in Vogue’s 126-year history.

“The reason a 23-year-old black photographer is photographing Beyoncé for the cover of Vogue is because Beyoncé used her power and influence to get him that assignment,” a source with close knowledge of the agreement was quoted saying.

Who is Tyler Mitchell?

The Atlanta-born photographer is a graduate of New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts and has previously done photographic work for the Knowles family.

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He is no stranger to shooting celebrities on the cover of major magazines – having cut his teeth working for Teen Vogue – and has shot the likes of Vince Staples for Dazed and Spike Lee for Office magazine. He’s also dabbled in fashion advertising, shooting for high-end brands like Marc Jacobs and Converse.

Mitchell is known for his love of celebrating blackness and he’ll be sure to bring out the best Beyoncé has to offer.

“I depict black people and people of colour in a really real and pure way. There is an honest gaze to my photos,” he once said in an interview with The New York Times.