According to Private Property, Pretoria has been growing in popularity among buyers, particularly upcoming professionals and young families.

The group says the city offers employment opportunities, allows for relatively easy access to other areas and a wide selection of well-priced properties.

The group compiled a report using search activity and median asking prices of residential properties listings on its website. The data also revealed the most in-demand suburbs for property shoppers in July.

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The median price for a property in Pretoria was R1 335 000, according to Private Property data for July.

To maintain consistency over time and assist comparison between areas, data is only presented for areas with 100 or more listed properties and grouped by common attributes of residential properties in South Africa, which include houses, townhouses or flats.

“We measure demand by looking at the number of views per sales listing on our website. The price data reflects the median asking price for properties in the suburb as listed on the Private Property website in the same month,” it said.

Private Property also made an effort to exclude outliers from the analysis. A feature of the report is that it provides insights based on current asking prices, rather than the eventual sale prices of property transactions.

The median asking price data provides a view of all properties being offered for sale on its website.

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This has the advantage of including insight into many more properties than are eventually sold in each quarter. Although asking prices are usually slightly higher than sale prices, they have an advantage of being available to analyse well in advance of the eventual transactions.

These are the 10 most in-demand suburbs, based on the number of views listings on the Private Property website received in July.

The 10 most in-demand suburbs in Pretoria