A classic bun or undo 

Whatever the occasion, a classic elegant bun or undo will not disappoint. With either of these looks, the smoother the better, so use a styling gel around the edges and on the hair to create a sleek neat look.

To achieve the standard bun, pull your hair as tight as you want. Then, you can twist the hair around itself to create a nice rounded bun shape, wrap the ends using the hair tie to hold the bun in place and pin your ends inwards.

A grecian braid or french roll  

We love this simple yet classy style. It’s easy to do and because it keeps the ends tucked away, you can rock it in winter as a protective style. To prep the hair for this style, do your usual day routine, ensure that you moisturise with a leave-in conditioner after and seal with a creme. Make sure your hair is stretched out for this style.

The curly ‘do

This look is easily achievable and can work with all lengths. Usually when I want to achieve this curl pattern, I first do twists, then with each twist do a bantu knot. That way you’re guaranteed a tight curl that will last.

In the morning, undo your bantu knots and twists and use pins to pin the sides of your hair to create the mohawk effect.

It’s very important to apply a curl defining product when doing your bantu knots and twists – it gives the perfect result coil. It also nourishes the hair so you won’t have to worry about your hair being dry.

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For this look, do the usual twists the night before by applying your curl defining creme as you go along. From the half of your head, ensure your twists go towards the front creating a fringe like look. Then secure the hair with a satin scarf before going to bed.


The Mohawk 

This funky yet clean is ideal for any occasion. What’s even better is that you dont have to have extremely long hair to rock. Bounceessentialhair  now has a human and synthetic Afro pony that you can add to the top of your head for extra texture.

For this look, do your usual twists at night. After undoing them in the morning, use pins to create a mohawk effect.

This cute roll look is quite the stunner. It fully exposes the face, allowing you to play with make-up and accentuate your features.

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