Founded in May 2015, Ndosi Strategies, a New York-based boutique consultancy, aims to promote Africa’s development through affordable professional development services in marketing, research, strategy building and curated global partnerships.

The company seeks to help African-led start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs grow through US partnerships.

Leadership through collaboration

“Before launching the company I received many inquiries from aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted information about funding, support systems, introductions or general resources,” says Cele. “As someone who worked in marketing and fund researching position[s] for a few years, I had information to share.”

Cele honed her skills as a Harvard research assistant and a Market Researcher at TLN Worldwide Enterprises Inc, a US management consulting company. She later worked in non-profit development as a Development Associate and served as Executive Director of the Imbizo Host Committee-NYC.

Cele realised that the top challenges facing African entrepreneurs are funding, networks, education and information. With this in mind, Ndosi Strategies was formed to help assist in marketing, research and partnership curation. The aim of the business is to be an international support system for the African renaissance.

Successful endeavours

Meeting of the Minds forum, an annual event that aims to internationally publicise the African entrepreneurial movement, has contributed to the success of the business.

“The vision for this platform is to expand opportunities, inclusion and visibility for South Africa’s entrepreneurial start-up movement by offering the first step in international investor outreach and partnership cultivation,” says Cele. “South Africa is overflowing with young, ambitious, skilled, and dedicated Africans.  We want to be instrumental in bringing those voices to the world via New York.”

There are plans to expand the business by developing a database of resource information and opportunities. The company also plans to launch an app to give those who can’t make it to the forums access to opportunities too.

She offers the following advice for aspiring businesspeople:

  • Trust yourself: You are fully capable of building the dream that keeps you up at night.
  • Be prepared to make sacrifices: Entrepreneurship isn’t glamourous and you might lose personal relationships along your way. The loss will make room for the right kind of people you need in the next phase of your journey.
  • Use your power as an African: The spirit of entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency and triumph over adversity is in all Africans, especially women.
  • Start today: Most of the people you admire didn’t know what they know now when they started, the crucial part is to start.