Entrepreneur and MD of Innovo Networks Damian Michael recommends that SME owners re-think equipping their business with technology.

Michael said downtime for an SME can be devastating. This need to be properly considered when it comes to all decision-making about your business technology.

The systems you invest in, the software you use, the protections you invest in and choice of ICT service providers for your development and implementation of ICT maintenance and disaster recovery plans need to be considered carefully.

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Downtime of business technical systems can occur for various reasons including hardware and software failures, human error, cyber-attacks, capacity limitations or geographical power outages.

While some of these causes may be unavoidable, many of the downtime risks can be mitigated with proper analysis, planning and proactive action.

“In the past, many entrepreneurs have found it very challenging to invest in the best quality products and services,” he said.

“This has severely limited the business growth and success of SMEs. However, the tech landscape has changed rapidly. Constant innovation and focused market differentiation have notably increased entrepreneurs’ access to affordable best of breed solutions that can empower them to manage their ICT and avoid downtime as well as any big company can.”

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He pointed out that choosing the right technology provider is critical.

“Today, the technology that businesses deploy affects all their operations and their bottom-line. Worldwide, technology is the greatest driver of business growth and success. If you’re a small business, your chosen tech partner can, therefore, either set your business up for success and to drive growth or restrain your business and set it up for failure.”

It is also important that SMEs have a provider at the forefront of technology that can help them choose affordable best-of-breed products with maximum business efficiency and minimum downtime top of mind.