Persistence, curiosity, self-motivation and a growth mindset are some of the qualities that most successful entrepreneurs have in common.

This is according to a study by Gallup Research, which has found that entrepreneurs who are better at noticing business opportunities are natural salespeople and networkers.

According to the research, published by, successful entrepreneurs identify their strongest assets and continuously nurture their native abilities, while managing areas of weakness, and study what other successful business leaders and innovators have done.

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Most successful entrepreneurs understand their area of business, despite having different career paths. Leading entrepreneurs and innovators were at some stage domain experts before they ventured into their own businesses.

Building a business, securing funding and going through years of struggle and near-failure all require intense discipline to achieve success. reports that successful entrepreneurship takes intense discipline to keep working through obstacles and moving forward.

Entrepreneurs who intend to achieve a high level of success rapidly require a growth mindset, as skills can be developed through solid and continuous effort.

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Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their business and willing to strive against all odds. Some of the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are self-motivation, adaptability and the willingness to fail.

Most importantly, entrepreneurs are curious and have characteristics that drive them to keep trying new things, discovering how things work, learning what motivates people to buy and studying the future of their industry.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait around for opportunities to be handed to them – they go after them and make their good fortune happen and this mostly requires self-motivation.

Willingness to fail is part of the entrepreneurial journey and successful entrepreneurs embrace this aspect.