Award-winning TV presenter Lerato Kganyago took to her Instagram stories to expose her alleged stalker, after being harassed by him one too many times.

“I’ve been reluctant to open a case against this Zimbabwean man for the past couple of months… he has been harassing me and has changed numbers more than seven times – each time, I’ve blocked him,” she wrote, adding that she does not know where he got her number from.

She then proceeded to share screen-grabs of their conversations – she writes on multiple occasions that he should leave her alone, but he appears to ignore her pleas.

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In one of the conversations she calls the man, whose name is apparently Gerald Mubatapasango, a sick human being and he responds by saying he is “God’s son”.

Lerato: I’m putting up your pic on social media to expose you

Gerald: I am God’s son (in response to a previous message)

Lerato: I’ve told you MILLIONS of times. LEAVE (me) ALONE

Gerald: Thank you for a bigger piece today. You had been a tough nut to crack

She told her followers that each time she blocks his number, he returns with a different number and continues harassing her.

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“I’m terrified because this is really getting out of hand. We’ve tried to trace him, but he changes number all the time.”

The man also send videos to her, but he seems to be speaking incoherently.

It is unclear if she has opened a case of harassment with the police.