We round up four surprising habits that some women do on a daily basis that actually contributes to wrinkles

Most women know about the importance of protecting their skin from the sun or how failing to wash off your makeup or frowning too much can speed up the ageing process and leave you with premature wrinkles.

But there are a few everyday habits that they might not necessarily know actually expedite ageing.

Wearing your hair in a tight, top ponytail

The high bun or ponytail is a popular hairstyle and while it might look chic, what you might not know is that the action of pulling your hair back is actually damaging your hairline badly.

“Pulling the hair back on a chronic basis causes hair to break along the hairline, causing scalp hair to be thinner, sometimes even causing the hairline to recede,” says Dr Manula Jegasothy.

Applying makeup

If you lift your eyebrows when you’re applying mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner, you’re likely adding extra years to your face.

The upward action of lifting your eyebrow creates several lines across your forehead and over time, they will become more pronounced.

Sipping on a straw

Your lipstick may last longer when you sip your drink through a straw, but the bad news is that the repeated action of pursing your lips when you’re taking a sip is creating fine lines around your mouth at a rate significantly faster than would have happened naturally.


There’s a reason they say beauty sleep is so important. If you are better rested, you’re less likely to yawn frequently and this will save you a whole lot of bags and wrinkles.

That’s because when we’re tired, our eyes tend to water and that extra liquid weakens elasticity and stretches the skin under our eyes, and in this way, it speeds up the process of developing bags under the eyes and wrinkles.