“Music is the only thing that can really change a person from the inside” explains Lady Zamar. With a music catalogue including the hits Collide, Love is Blind and Criminal, the songstress has fast become a national treasure.

In celebration of Heritage Month, music platform Deezer has teamed up with Lady Zamar to release a curated playlist entitled My Heritage in Music.

The playlist takes listeners on a journey of Zamar’s musical heritage, as she shares some of her special musical moments with songs from the likes of Dolly Parton and Lucky Dube,

Zamar says music heritage is the history that makes up who she is.

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“I have always been a person who loves playing music. For every emotion, every time and every memory, there is a song that attached to that, that has helped me grow as a person and deal with things,” she says.

What is your first or a significant music memory? It has to be the first time I sang in church. I was about 11 years old. My little sister and I remember I was so scared in front of people. At that time it looked like a really big crowd and that definitely was the most significant memory I had as a kid.

Are there any specific people in your family to whom you can attribute your love for music? My entire family. My dad absolutely loved singing and being our vocal coach and tutor. My mum loved family worship and whenever she had those, she would have us singing hymn notes and my dad was very particular about how we would sing. He would always put us in musicals, always insisted that we watch musical shows, I remember watching the Phantom of the Opera – it was a three-hour show and I was moved. My little sister helped groom me and continues to contribute to my music. My little brother is a producer, so yeah, basically the entire family.

What artists or songs are engrained in your upbringing? Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Smokie. My dad used to sing it all the time. Then there’s Celine Dion’s I Drove All Night. My dad was a bit of an unknown man. He travelled a lot and whenever he travelled, driving for many hours, it would be something he would play. As a child, I knew when that song was put on, we were preparing for a very long trip.

There was also a lot of Boney M, Lucky Dube, Brenda Fassie and Enrique Iglesias. There was a lot of Dolly Parton and Jim Reeves during my upbringing as well.

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What power does music have to effect change? Music is the only thing that can really change a person from the inside. It is also important to watch what you listen to and as a person making music, I make sure that the things I put out there are positive things that will help people, instead of making them feel worse about their lives. Music helps you without you realising it; music has the power to make you happy or elevate a bad mood. Music also is something that you can attach to a memory and a person.

Listen to Lady Zamar’s My Heritage in Music on Deezer.