By day five I thought I’d be going crazy. As I mentioned before, I love meat, so going five days without eating any meat would typically drive me insane, or one would assume.

However, I’ve been doing pretty well. It’s just the lack of dairy products that have me suffering withdrawal symptoms. No yoghurt, no butter, no ice-cream, no cheese (and I’m not typically a fan of cheese, but when you’re told you can’t have it, it starts looking more appealing). And imagine eating a burger – even if it’s a veggie burger – with no cheese! That’s what made things most difficult. Perhaps my compromise would be to become a vegetarian instead.

Breakfast: I had the most delicious vegan samosas. Wow! I devoured them with no shame. I bought them from my go-to vegan spot – Woolworths Food and they’re staying in my diet long after my vegan journey ends. They are really good, even when you don’t make them in the oven as instructed on the packaging. I just popped them in the microwave and enjoyed their deliciousness. I also had some pineapple slices as a snack.

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Lunch: I went with my colleagues – who are also part of the vegan journey – to a vegan restaurant called The Fussy Vegan in Blairgowrie. I was excited because, obviously I didn’t have to think too hard about what to eat, nor did I have to make it. I settled on a mushroom burger that was served with chips. I also bought the sugar-free ice tea. My colleagues bought a poke bowl, a lunch burrito and macaroni and cashew nut cheese with fake bacon sprinkled on top. We also tried delicious cajun chips and vegan lamingtons, and those were so good. My colleagues enjoyed their meals, but mine wasn’t so great. My burger (which was made with lentils) was burnt. Severely so. Even when I tried scraping away the burnt part, the burnt taste was still present. I didn’t like the bun they used, so I had planned to eat the burger with the mushroom sauce and fries, and doing away with the bun. I just wasn’t able to salvage it though and ended up just having the chips and calling it a day.

Supper: I had a church conference to attend after work and, because I’m an usher, I had to stay a bit longer afterwards to make sure the church was tidy. I ended up getting home close to 10pm. I was too tired to cook, so I settled on baby carrots. Yes, I know, very exciting. Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow.

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