The Black Panther actor, who played King T’Chaka in the billion-dollar-spinning movie, returns to the stage in his new play, Kunene and the King.

The play is intended to mark the 25th anniversary of South Africa’s first democratic elections.

Kani and Sir Anthony Sher star in the play as two men from different walks of life who are thrust together in South Africa 2019 and end up reflecting on a quarter-century since the end of the apartheid era.

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Kunene and the King is co-produced by the Fugard Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

We are honoured to be presenting this co-production of John Kani’s new play with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and welcoming him, along with Sir Antony Sher and Janice Honeyman, back to our theatre,” said Daniel Galloway, Executive Director of The Fugard Theatre. “It is indeed a fitting way to mark 25 years of a democratic South Africa, with three of the country’s internationally acclaimed theatre talents and this important play.”

The play will debut in April 2019.