Life is hectic and it’s easy to understand how you and your partner can get caught up in your routine, especially if you have children.

But sex doesn’t always have to drawn-out affair accompanied by the candles and hours of foreplay (although there’s also a time and place for this too).

The beauty of the quickie, as the name suggests, is that it is meant to lack the bells and whistles of a regular sex session, but what it lacks in this respect, it makes up for with the element of surprise and excitement.

“A quickie is fast and often spontaneous and can quickly add fun and excitement to the act,” says Michele Stewart, President of Rejoin Medical Systems.

“It doesn’t have the pressures of build-up or allow time for anxiety or stress about performance. If you haven’t had sex in a while, or don’t have it very often, a quickie can get you back in action without the risk of overthinking.”

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A quickie every now and again will definitely spice up your sex life if you feel like you’ve stuck in a bit of a rut.

Relationship coach Jordan Gray says quickies also allow couples to be more selfish – without the guilt.

“Quickies are one of the best ways to get real, raw and honest about your sexual needs,” he says.

“Grab that body part of theirs that you love so much, touch yourself where you need to be touched to climax as quickly as possible. Put your lips all over them and be greedy about it. Selfish is great, selfish is healthy.”

Quickies also enable you to reconnect with your raw desire for your partner because there’s something about a quickie that liberates you to let go of your inhibitions.

Here are four ways to get the best out of a quickie:


Since there’s hardly any or no foreplay involved in a quickie, you and your partner can get into the mood ahead of the time with a series of sexts before you meet up.

Don’t get naked

A big part of the excitement of a quickie has to do with ditching traditions and norms when it comes to sex.

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Having quickie is about being in the moment, so there’s no time to take all your clothes off. Just get straight to it.

Oral sex isn’t just the side show

A quickie doesn’t always have to be penetrative intercourse and you can switch things up by keeping the fun strictly oral.

Oral sex can be just as satisfying as the main act.

Don’t forget to lube

Ladies, remember that because there’s no “warm-up” involved in a quickie, it’s quite important to have a tube of lube ready when the time comes.