Research has shown that working mothers enjoy just 67 minutes of time to themselves everyday.

With such a limited amount of time available, you probably don’t want to spend it on your beauty regime.

As busy as you may be, the good news is that you don’t have to completely abandon your face beat.

These beauty hacks will help you look fabulous in no time whatsoever.

Create a fake eyelash look

A quick way to get the effect of extended eyelashes without the arduous and time-consuming process of applying fake lashes is by applying baby power over your eyelashes with an earbud in-between each coat of mascara.

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The baby powder acts as a natural thickening agent and will give your lashes extra volume.

Lip balm and eyeliner for smokey eyes

If you want a “smokey eye” look, but you don’t have the time to create it, all you need to do is add a little bit of lip balm over eyeliner and smudge it in.

Create your own BB-cream

If you’re finding that you foundation is running low, you can make it stretch further by blending foundation or concealer with your facial moisturiser. It essentially creates the same effect as a BB-cream.

Frozen spoon for puffy eyes

Every mother will experience their fair share of puffy eyes from late nights and early mornings, so this is a hack everyone will find useful.

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Stick a spoon in the freezer and place the round side of the spoon onto the puffy area for a few minutes. The cold spoon works to decrease the puffiness.

Touch up grey hair with eye shadow

If you have a grey hair or two that you want to hide, why not apply some eyeshadow? It’s a quick-fix when you don’t have time to colour your hair.

Vaseline and a toothbrush

Get those unruly eyebrows under control in seconds with a little vaseline and a toothbrush. Brush your eyebrows using upward strokes as you move away from your nose.