Going back to her roots inspired musician and actress Nandi Madida to purchase a farm for her son Shaka. For her, a farm symbolises her forefathers’ tranquil way of life, which has been lost today in our hectic urban centres.

“I was inspired by my family’s rural background, where generational wealth was created through working the land and growing the little they had, with a view to passing it on from one generation to the next. I wanted to invest in my son’s generation and the ones that will come after his – the historical way of in which we, as Africans, built our wealth and legacy centuries ago,” she says.

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She adds that purchasing land and building a farm will essentially help instil this African value in her son. ‘When Shaka’s old enough, he’ll have to look after this investment, understand and appreciate his ancestors’ ways of life.”

Madida further explains that such an investment will give him a sense of pride and heritage, making him realise the part he plays in the family tree and his role in upholding the family lineage.

“It is imperative for him to understand and co-exist in both the urban and rural worlds. Generational knowledge will also make him more enlightened and ensure that he doesn’t only live for himself, but will be cognisant of the future of others. This is a lesson that goes back to our ancestral days.”

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Purchasing the farm, which is situated on the outskirts of rural northern KwaZulu-Natal, was a procedure that included a traditional screening and vetting process by the area’s chiefs, who wanted to ensure that the buyer would use the land not only for their personal enrichment, but also for that of the area and for empowering the community.

“The screening process and the chiefs’ requirements is strongly aligned to the values I want Shaka to learn through owning this land – that of paying homage and preserving our heritage, as well as understanding the importance of uplifting others,” she says.

– Kabelo Collis