Achieving a minimal look can be achieved with lipstick instead of lip balm. The trick is to find the right shade of lipstick to pair with your understated make-up or to contrast with bold eyes.


  • Glossy nude

To create an effortless, natural look choose a glossy nude lipstick. It will give you a sophisticated look but make it look like you didn’t spend more than five minutes in front of the mirror. A great look for date night.

  • Brown ombre

The two-tone or ombre look seems difficult to pull off but with some practice it is very easily achieved. Otherwise, you can opt for any of the various ombre lipsticks available on the market that gives you the same effect with little effort. This could be great for a night out.


  • Rosy pink

Pink can suit any skin tone, you just need to find the right shade. Mixing a light pink with some lipgloss will give you a bright yet subtle look that shows you made an effort but doesn’t draw too much attention. It’s one that can be perfect for a business meeting.