• Barbara McKenzie

Founded by Kendibone “Kendi” Sapepa, Barbara McKenzie is a clothing brand that provides fashion-forward clothing for the stylish and modern woman.

Speaking to DESTINY, Sapepa says although heavily Xhosa-inspired, Barbara McKenzie offers an array of designs and patterns inspired by South Africa’s unique cultures and people.

“I always try to create garments that are modern, tasteful and feminine, but still maintain that cultural element – it’s a modern take on traditional clothes,” she says.

Sapepa adds that accessibility is something that also differentiates her brand from her competitors, because often, when looking for traditional attire you have to have it made, which takes time. “We provide ready-to-wear, traditional-inspired clothing. ”

Traditional pieces are priced from from R700 and are available from Barbara McKenzie.

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  • Code Chronicles

Founded by Nwabisa Mabandla and Johnson Mabgwe, Code Chronicles aims to give you a transcendental experience that encourages you to believe in a larger life, purpose and existence. “Code Chronicles allows the individual to express and celebrate themselves in a style that’s best for them. We target today’s consumer – with a sharp and discerning taste,” explains Mabandla.

The iconic brand’s garments speak to the modern sophisticated man and woman who appreciate something extraordinary and have a heightened self awareness.

Mabgwe adds: “Code chronicles is a brand that’s trusted by connoisseurs. Through our designs, we create the perfect aesthetic paradox that’s pretty and sartorially endearing to anyone who appreciates timeless elegance and style,” he says.

Contact Code Chronicles by emailing johnson@thecodechronicles.com or info@thecodechronicles.com

  • Hlubi Creations

Hlubi Creations is an ethnic jewellery and clothing brand. Its accessories are the perfect addition to your traditional outfit. According to News24, founder Siyasanga Tundzi makes the clothes and accessories, inspired by South African cultures, by hand from recycled trash.

Tundzi uses materials including cardboard, plastic, cowrie shells, fabric scraps and wire, reports the site. In a previous article in DESTINY, Tundzi said she’s enjoyed making her own accessories since childhood.

“My mother used to make traditional bracelets with beads and I would watch her. At some point, I started helping and began making my own earrings. It became a hobby for me to make my own accessories, rather than buy them,” she says.

Hlubi Creations items are available from Hlubi Creations.