Ngwenya loved socks from a young age when his mother – through her insistence on him washing his socks inside out – helped him appreciate attention to detail when it came to how he presented himself.

Since his 1,9m frame prevented him from easily finding trousers long enough to cover his legs, Ngwenya began buying stylish socks – often from international brands – so his socks, instead of his “skinny” legs, would appear beneath his pants.

He saw a gap in the market and he soon began manufacturing high-end, quality socks. He counts former Top Billing presenter and actor Tumisho Masha as a client. He was even featured on CNN Africa’s start-up feature.

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His biggest business boost came when Markham offered him retail space at 20 stores countrywide. The partnership did so well that it was extended from five months to a year.

However, recent tweets have suggested the business isn’t doing so well, which points to the ups and downs any business can and probably will go through. Even with massive success, any business can go through a slump, which might require that an entrepreneur pump some of their own money into the company to keep it afloat.