“Nonchalant” was the word #NotInMyNameSA used to describe the response from the Dros restaurant in Pretoria to the rape of a six-year-old girl in its toilets.

“In response to the recent gross rape and/or violation which involved a six [year old] at Dros, management issued a nonchalant statement, with garnished and sensitised language, in which they call the rape ‘an incident’ [and said] that the public must allow the SAPS to conduct investigations prior to anything being done,” spokesperson Mo’ Senne said.

“To illustrate the nonchalance, Dros refused to provide the information pertaining to preventative measures that will [be] or were put in place to ensure something like this does not happen [again].”

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The organisation plans to visit the restaurant and wants to know what the establishment plans to do to keep children safe on the premises.

The organisation added that it seemed to be “business as usual”, with the play area open for children.

The visit would not be a protest, but would be to meet with management to find out what they were doing to keep children safe, Senne said.

The girl was allegedly raped in the men’s toilet of a Dros franchise in Silverton, Pretoria, on Saturday.

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In a statement, the company said it had contacted the child’s parents to convey sympathy and offer assistance.

Earlier, News24 reported that the girl’s mother could not find her and heard noises from a bathroom. She caused a commotion and the door was opened. The child was bleeding inside.

A man was arrested and appeared in court on Tuesday, according to police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini.

He would not say more, because the case involves a minor.

– News24