The age-old question – “chicken or beef?” – has finally been solved. Chicken is the winner by a knockout.

According to Uber Eats SA, fried chicken is the item most ordered on the food delivery app. Surprisingly, noodles came in a close second.

Uber Eats SA GM Ailyssa Pretorius told IT News Africa that users of the app order the food to enhance their mood.

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“We wanted to find out directly how people react to food as well as educate consumers on the language of food that we all speak. From our research, we have seen that not only does food make South Africans incredibly happy, with upticks in heart rate, but that we are fluent in ‘Italian’ – pizza in particular. With Uber Eats delivering food from anywhere at any time to anyone, we can all easily speak the language of food,” Pretorius said.

Here are the top five most ordered meals on Uber Eats:

1. Fried chicken

2. Noodles

3. Cheeseburgers

4. Wraps

5. Margherita pizzas