Popular TV and radio journalist Redi Tlhabi yesterday gave an update on her mother’s health following her revelation that she was suffering from a brain tumour.

A few weeks ago Tlhabi revealed on Twitter that she had delayed her move to the USA to be by her mother’s side as she battled with her illness.

On 19 September, she revealed that her mother was suffering from a brain tumour and needed a major operation and she would not set foot on a plane to New York until she was 100% recovered.

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Yesterday, the journalist said the much-needed surgery was a success.

Tlhabi had been accepted to do a two-year fully paid fellowship in economics and business journalism at Columbia University. She, her husband Dr Brian Tlhabi and their two children would have relocated to New York with her in June.

“I’m worried about money. Here in SA, we’re comfortable financially, but I don’t know what the future holds. It’s scary to think of tapping into my savings. I’m negotiating for a visa that allows me to work, as I think I can successfully persuade the university that the kind of work I do requires me to remain engaged in journalism and politics. I’ve also built up such a profile that it wouldn’t make sense to start turning away requests to do moderation work and panels.”

Her profile helped her secure a job with the SABC as the host of a new show called Unfiltered – a job she was offered when she announced that she was postponing her move.