Model and Revlon Live Boldly ambassador Adwoa Aboah is known for her high fashion spreads and living the model life many dream of. But on World Mental Health Day, the activist took to Instagram to share her battle with depression.

In a post, the 26-year-old founder of GURLS TALK who has graced the covers of the American, Italian and Polish editions of Vogue, as well as i-D, wrote about attempting to take her own life at a time when she was “broken”.

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“Four years ago, on 3 October, I tried, like many others before me and many other after to take my own life,” she said. “I look at these photos and my heart breaks.”

The post inspired many to share their own experiences, with one user, mamacita327, responding to her post: “Thank you for your bravery in sharing your story. Too long have people suffered in silence due to the stigma surrounding this illness. It is no different than any other life-threatening disease and needs to be openly discussed in the same way.”

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I look at these photos and I see a different person staring back at me…the darkness had over taken me, the grey had engulfed my life, I was broken, exhausted and the light has completely left my eyes. On the 29th of October these photos where taken by my boyfriend at the time, 4 years ago on the 3rd of October I tried like many others before me and many other after to take my own life. I look at these photos and my heart breaks, I mourn the girl I once was, it’s almost as if I’d like to jump into the photo, kiss away the tears, hug her forever and tell her that she’s not alone, tell her that many others suffer with mental health problems but that there is light at the tunnel, tell her that this to shall pass, it will return but it will pass. I love that girl in the photo, I remember her and everything she went through to get me here today. For anyone suffering today, tomorrow and always please know that you are not alone. Today we celebrate you today we celebrate #worldmentalhealthday . Today we remember that this is no joke, today we remember the families who have cared and laid awake worrying, the nurses, doctors, treatments centers, sisters, brothers, wife’s, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, sons, daughters and best friends. Today we remember the ones here and the ones gone. For the rest of my life I promise to shine light on this illness that so many times is forgotten, I promise to give the unheard a voice whenever I can, I promise to remember the girl In that photo and everything she had to go through and to protect the woman I have now become. Sending mad amounts of love out today from one very happy but exhausted woman. Mad love Adwoa. Xxxx

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For help with depression, contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group on the 24-hour helpline: 0800 12 13 14