Tlhabi took to social media on Monday to confirm that Gigaba’s lawyers had sent her a letter, asking to retract her public allegations regarding the new visa regulations for children.

“So last week, an ex-colleague got a call from honourable Gigaba’s lawyers, asking for my home address,” Thlabi tweeted.

“I kindly gave my lawyer’s address. He received a letter today, basically asking I retract within seven days, or else. So, no summons yet, just a request for apology & retraction.”

Last month, Gigaba announced that documentation proving parental consent for a minor to travel was no longer a requirement.

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Tlhabi then accused Gigaba of implementing policies “without empirical evidence” and that the problem was “his ego”.

She also alleged that Gigaba’s amendments to the policy had been influenced by a personal incident involving his former wife and daughter and added a link to an article relating to his daughter’s travel arrangements.

Gigaba retaliated by threatening Tlhabi with legal action for defamation of character, according to a statement on the Department of Home Affairs letterhead.

– News24